Welcome to the unspoiled island of Koh Thmei

We have 8 beach bungalows, a restaurant and a bar.

We are the only resort on the island.

Beachfront Bungalows

Each bungalow at the beach is equipped with a fan, a private bathroom, and a large terrace, as well as two hammocks, chairs, and a table.

Restaurant & Bar

The island resort restaurant offers a wide selection of more than 30 different dishes.

Vegan and vegetarian meals are also available.

Since everything is cooked freshly, we can provide individual attention to every allergy and/or preference.

In the evening, there is draft beer and many different cocktails, which we prepare according to the original recipes.

The Island

The island Koh Thmei is a quiet spot where you experience pure nature. You can take walks through the jungle or along the beach, watch birds and swim.

There is a kayak for two persons for rent.

We can organize a boat trip to the next island for a snorkeling adventure (8,50 USD/person incl. equipment).

There is no other infrastructure. On the island, there are no shops and ATMs, no roads, no Tuk Tuk’s, and no taxis.

We get our electricity from solar panels.

We have a digester.

In the digester bacteria decompose the kitchen waste into biogas and slurry.

With the biogas we can run a gas stove and the slurry is a good fertilizer.

All our wastewater is disposed of using an ecologically friendly cleaning system.

Electricity is available between 6:30 am and 11 pm.

Free WiFi from 15:30 to 17:00

Ream National Park

Approximately 150 different kinds of birds can be found in the Ream National Park. Many threatened animal species have made their home here. Schools of dolphins swim along the coast, and you will have the opportunity to observe eagles and kites hunting.



You can reach our beach bungalow resort on the secluded island Koh Thmei by boat. It takes 1 hour from the Koh Kchhang Fishing Village. Coming from Kampot, your trip will take 1,5 hours by car. From Phnom Penh around 4 hours by car, and Sihanoukville 1 hour.
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Bungalow Prices

1 Bungalow

35,- USD/Night

Family Bungalow

70,- USD/Night


We look forward to your visit.

Kavita and Michael

kavita@gmx.de – (+855) 097 737 0400 or +84 358 375 230

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